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Privacy Policy
My privacy policy is quite simple. I don't share any of your personal information (name, email) with anyone other than certain members of my staff. Period.

Privacy Policy

Even when you send me a prayer request, I DO NOT share your full name, address or specific information that could possibly reveal any identities.

For example:
When I send a prayer request to our prayer partners they will only see the following information.

Prayer Request Number: 0000000
Prayer Request Date: XX/XX/20XX
Prayer Requested By: First Name and First letter of last name. (i.e.; Ken W.)

Prayer Requested For: First Name and First letter of last name. (i.e.; Ken W.)

Prayer Request: The specific prayer request. Any mention of a specific location (city, state and/or province other than a possible country) will be removed so as not to reveal the identity for protection and privacy.

When a prayer request has been answered I will send an "Answered Prayer Request Alert" to our prayer partners so they will know to stop praying for an answer and see how it was answered.

The "Answered Prayer Request Alert" would include the above prayer request data in addition to:

Answered Request Date: XX/XX/20XX
Answered Request Results: How the prayer was answered.