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Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things. II Timothy 2:7 (KJV)

March 23, 2014

A Biblical Outline Of God's Dealings With Free Moral Agents Throughout the Ages of Time.

The Bible is broken down into five main ages with various dispensations applied to the various ages or probationary periods in human and angelic history. In each period, God tests free moral agents (angels and humans) according to a fixed standard of conduct or responsibility under which they are suppose to remain true to God in order to rule for Him on the Earth and elsewhere in the universe.

Each dispensation has its own beginning and ending. Each dispensation is characterized by certain distinctive principles of God's dealings with free moral agents. Nothing but confusion will result from reading certain meanings into Scripture that do not apply to a particular age. In each age, God has a different purpose. What He has said during one dispensation may or may not apply to another.

God created angels and humans to be free moral agents. As such, each free moral agent has to go through probationary tests to prove themselves worthy of the confidence of the Creator before they will be entrusted with the eternal administration of the universe.

But, before precede with this Biblical outline of God's dealings with free moral agents, there are a few words and expressions that are essential to know in order to come to a correct understanding of how they are used in the scriptures. Failure to understand just what the original word means when used in a particular scripture may lead to a wrong understanding. Without this insight it would be very difficult to "rightly divide the word of truth" - 2 Timothy 2:15.

Definition Of The Term - "World"
There are ten Hebrew and Greek words in Scripture translated by our one English word "world". All these words have a different shade of meaning. If you want to know the true meaning of the word "world" when used in a particular scripture, you need to do a Hebrew and Greek word search using a concordance such as: "Strong's Concordance with Hebrew and Greek Lexican"

As it relates to this topic, we will cover only five of the ten different definitions for the term world.

1. The Hebrew word "loam" (ō·läm') means a long duration, antiquity, futurity, for ever, ever, everlasting, evermore, perpetual, old, ancient time, long time (of past) always, continuous existence, indefinite or unending future, eternity (of future) The Hebrew word "loam" should never have be translated world, but always in connection with time. In other words it should be understood as "time without any limits as to a beginning or an end".

2. The Greek word "aion" (ahee-ohn') means an age or period of time, whether long or short. When used, it should never be translated "world" but "age".

3. The Greek word "oikoumenē" (oi-kü-me'-nā) means the inhabitants of the earth, men. The portion of the earth inhabited by a certain people, in distinction from the lands of other inhabitants. (i.e.; the Roman empire, all the subjects of the empire).

4. The Greek word "kosmos" (ko'-smos) means a harmonious arrangement or constitution, order, government, social system (social order).

5. The Greek word "agonies" (ī-ō'-nē-os) means without beginning and without end, that which always has been and always will be, never to cease, everlasting.

Definition Of The Term - "Dispensation"
The Greek word "oikonomia" (oi-ko-no-mē'-ä) means the management of a household or of household affairs specifically, the management, oversight, administration of other's property, the office of a manager or overseer, stewardship, administration, dispensation.

The Five Main Ages
I. The Antechaotic Age: This age goes from the original creation of the heavens and of the Earth (Genesis 1:1) to the chaotic state of the Earth (Genesis 1:2).
A. The Dispensation Of Dateless Past. (Genesis 1:1-2)
This is the dispensation of Angels in dateless past which includes the creation of the universe and all things therein, the creation of spirit beings, the rulership of planets throughout the universe by Angels, the creation of the Earth and it's inhabitants, the original rulership of Earth by Lucifer before Adam, Lucifer's pride, rebellion and fall which lead to the war in heaven with one-third of the angels and the inhabitants of the Earth following Lucifer, the defeat of Lucifer's forces, the imprisonment of some of those who rebelled, the destruction of all inhabitants of the Earth through the first world flood and the literal turning of the Earth upside down*. This is the time when prehistoric creatures and the current demons (disembodied spirits) existed.
*NOTE: The Bible is silent on how long the Earth was in this condition before the next age began.

II. The Antediluvian Age: This age goes from the first world flood (the flood of Lucifer - Genesis 1:2) to the second world flood (the flood of Noah - Genesis 6 - 8).
A. The Dispensation Of Innocence. (Genesis 1:26 - 3:24)
This age was from the restoration of the restored Earth, the creation of all Earth's inhabitants, Adam's commission to rule the restore Earth, to the fall of Adam, his expulsion from the new garden of Eden, the curse upon the serpent, women, men and the Earth and the promise of Christ the redeemer.

B. The Dispensation Of Conscience. (Genesis 4:1 - 8:14)
This age was from the fall of Adam and his expulsion from the garden of Eden to the flood of Noah. This time period included the killing of Abel by his brother Cain, the rapture of Enoch, the sons of God (fallen Angels) marrying the daughters of man which produced giants (non-pure human beings), the corruption of all flesh and violence upon the Earth, the decision of God to destroy all living creatures that breathed air except for eights souls and creatures that were saved by the ark, the building of the ark, the sending of the flood and the confinement of the first set of fallen Angels who left their first estate to marry the daughters of man to corrupt pure human stock to chains of darkness.

III. The Present Age: This age goes from the flood of Noah to the Millennium (Genesis 8:15 - Revelation 19:21)
A. The Dispensation Of Human Government. (Genesis 8:15 - 11:9)
This age goes from the flood of Noah to the call Of Abraham. This time period included the promise that God would never again destroy the inhabitants of the Earth via a world flood, showed the rainbow as a token of this convenient between God and the inhabitants of the Earth, the command to all living creatures to replenish the Earth, the confusion of languages with the scattering of mankind throughout the Earth, the dividing of the Earth into continents and islands (Genesis 10:25), the second set of Sons of God (fallen Angels) marrying the daughters of man in the land of Canaan.

B. The Dispensation Of Promise. (Genesis 11:10 - Exodus 12:51)
This age goes from the call of Abraham to the exodus of Israel from Egypt under Moses. This time period included the promise of the coming of Christ for the first time through a singled out line or branch of race (through the Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and his descendants), the command for Abraham to leave his family and country, the giving of the land of Canaan as an everlasting possession, the deliverance of Lot and his two daughters out of Sodom by two Angels before it was destroyed, the changing of Jacobs name to Israel, the calling of Joseph for Israel's future safety, Joseph sold into slavery by his brothers, Joseph's interpretation of the kings dream of seven years of plenteousness followed by seven years of famine which lead to Joseph's rise to second in command over Egypt, deliverance of Israel from famine through Egypt via the hand of Joseph, the enslavement of Israel by Egypt, the calling of Moses, the ten plagues upon Egypt and the deliverance of Israel from Egypt by the power God through Moses.

C. The Dispensation Of Law. (Exodus 13:1 - Matthew 4:1)
This age goes from the exodus of Israel from Egypt under Moses to the first coming of Christ. This time period included the exodus from Egypt, the wandering of Israel, the powerful sustainment and miracles of God, the giving of the law of Moses in every detail which included the following regulations: the commandments, the judgements, and the ordinances, the entrance into Canaan under the leadership of Joshua, the first king of Israel (Saul), the destruction of the giants through the hands of David and his men, the 400 years of silence between Malachi and John the Baptist.

D. The Dispensation Of Grace. (Matthew 4:1 - Revelation 19:21)
This age is the age in which we now live and dates from the first coming of Christ to the second coming of Christ with His saints to set up a literal kingdom on the Earth for the purpose of putting down all rebellion (the Millennium). This time period included the calling of John the Baptist as a forerunner of Christ, the birth, death, burial and resurrection of Christ which fulfilled the law, the rejection of Israel of Christ as their Messiah, the rejection, destruction and the scattering throughout the world of Israel as a nation by God, the calling of the New Testament church to temporally replace the Old Testament Church, the forming of the ten kingdoms within the Revised Roman territory**, the rapture of the New Testament Church, marriage supper of the Lamb, the entrance of the Antichrist and seven years of tribulation, rapture of the tribulation saints, the two witnesses, and the 144,000 sealed servants of God from the twelve tribes of Israel, the second coming of Christ with His saints, the battle of Armageddon, the Antichrist is destroyed, the binding of Satan with chains, cast into the Abyss and confined during the Millennium, the casting of the beast and the false prophet into the lake of fire.
**NOTE: the forming of the ten kingdoms within the Revised Roman territory could be in place either before or after the rapture of the New Testament church, but it does need to be in existence for some time before the Antichrist is revealed.

IV. The Age To Come: This age goes from the Millennium to the New Heavens and the New Earth (Revelation 19:11-21 - Revelation 21-22 )
A. The Dispensation Of Devine Government. (Revelation 20:1-15)
This age will last for a 1,000 years and will be a theocratic form of government; that is God ruling through: Jesus Christ, David, (the king of Israel), the Apostles and all raptured Saints from Adam to the Millennium. This time period will include the putting down of all rebellion and all enemies under the feet of Christ, to judge the nations in righteousness and restoring the Earth to its rightful owners, restoring Israel and delivering her from the nations and make her the head of all nations forever, to exalt the saints of all ages to some form of kingly or priestly capacity according to the promises and according to their works, Satan will be loosed towards the end of the Millennium for a season to deceive the nations on Earth to fight against Christ's government, Satan and his rebellious army are defeated and Satan is cast into the lake of fire, the Great White Throne Judgment takes place where all the wicked dead are resurrected, judged and cast into the lake of fire as well as death and hell.

B. The Dispensation Of The Redeemed And Faithful Angels. (Revelation 21-22)
This age begins with the end of the total destruction of the old sinful order on Earth renovated by fire which results in The New Heaven and The New Earth and the New Jerusalem being moved from the planet Heaven to Earth.

V. The Age Of The Ages: This age goes for eternity, time without end.
This age will be the way God had originally planned everything to be had man not fallen. The fall of man did not stop God's plan, but only postponed it. All that will happen from this point on is not really known as the Bible sums it up as thus:
But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. (1 Corinthians 2:9)

Many times throughout the various ages, God Himself would come down from Heaven to talk and intervene personally in the affairs of man at the ending of one age and the beginning of another. At other times, He sent His prophets, His son Jesus Christ, and His apostles. At the beginning of the "Dispensation Of Grace" God personally dealt with the human race by sending His son Jesus and will once again send His son Jesus at the end of this age from Heaven to set up an earthly kingdom to put down all rebellion and rule the Earth in righteousness forever.

Until next time, consider this.
Brother Ken.